Golden Dragon Karate Studio

Chu Ida Yong Tae Kwon Do

The Meaning of Belt Colors

White Belt:
The color white represents a new beginning, pure and innocent. Not Yet accumulated any knowledge.

Yellow Belt:
The color yellow represents the sun that nourishes the student to work hard toward reaching their goals. Has attained some understanding of martial arts.

Orange Belt:
The color orange is the color of the sun, that represents brightness and nourishment so the student may set a foundation to for their training.

Purple Belt:
The color purple represents the beauty and grace of the natural arts. Stands for brilliant, royal a symbol of courage. The focus on training has taken place.

Green Belt:
The color green represents life and growth. The student strives to develop perseverance and patience.

Blue Belt:
The blue color represents the sky, the potential for growth is greater. The student develops dedication and a deeper understanding of their training. The sky is the limit.

Red Belt:
The color red represents fire and energy, two elements needed that allow the student to grow and gain skill and confidence in their training.

Brown Belt:
The color brown represents the earth or the ground. The student has grown and built a solid foundation, techniques and knowledge.

Black Belt:
The color black represents the completion of the cycle, a world of the unknown that lays ahead. The ultimate goal but not the end of your training as it is the beginning.